Hello and A Doubter’s Prayer for these troublesome times

Dearly Beloved,

How are you doing? Well, I hope in these interesting times we seem to be living in – everything seems utterly changed yet not changed at all. I hope you and all those you know have been keeping well, as has been the case for me, though I say this in all humility and awareness that many people I know have recently lost loved ones, and my thoughts and condolences are with them and you if you have lost people; may time heal (y)our wounds.


The past few months have been a time for great reflection (and action) for me, pandemic and lockdown notwithstanding – motivated by both the utterly overwhelming reality of the violence of our world right now – singularly encapsulated in the brutal murder of George Floyd – and the beauty that exists alongside and in response to it. In particular, Beyonce’s "The Gift" – it seems Stalin was wrong and history repeats itself, first as child’s play and then as grown folks business. I’ve found the songs and their message pretty inspirational, but so has been some of the great visual culture coming out of Nigeria recently, especially in this song by Kizz Daniel "Jaho" – and it seems these two rivers have met again, with the fierceness of "Black is King" – and I say with no modesty at all that I’m really happy to know one of the people involved with it. Logo Olumuyiwa who is a great visual artist, notable for documenting Lagos stripped of colour but still rendered in beauty – check out his work if you have not seen it before.

Things A Foot
Partly as a result of this, and the more than real presence of mortality – I have been thinking a lot of what kind of world I actually want to live in – and what that world should look and feel like, and what I can do (more of) in big or small ways to bring that world about – it probably looks a lot like what you imagine – a place of relative peace and security, for those here today and the generations to come. I am working on a couple of things that I hope to tell you more about soon, and hope you will be interested in supporting or being involved in.

A Doubter’s Prayer
Slightly linked to that, I got round to self-publishing a book – it’s a collection of poems "A Doubter’s Prayer" – you can check it out here, and buy it – I’d be grateful if you’d tweet about it or share on any social channel that you see fit – a sample tweet or text below – and follow yours truly on Instagram.

Check out #ADoubtersPrayer: A collection of poems about love, death, sex, joy, ancestry and being cosmically a few days late and dollars short. https://bit.ly/adoubtersprayer

Jacket and cover for A Doubter's Prayer

Black and African Theatre Group
On another note, I’m working on starting a reading group for Black and African Theatre; the group will take place on line for now via Zoom or a similar platform on Thursdays from 8.30pm till 9.30pm. (BST) If you are interested, sign up on the link below with your details and I’ll email you soon as we have a good number of people expressing an interest. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/68Q66FZ

What’s good and/or new in your world?

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Yours Faithfully,

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“I myself have never been able to find out precisely what being a troublemaker means: I only know that people call me a troublemaker whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.”
Dele Meiji Fatunla paraphrasing the late, Rebecca West