Friends, There’s not enough media telling the world’s story from an African perspective, that’s why we are building Jebujene – be part of our journey

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


I hope this finds you well? I am writing you about a new (ish) venture I am undertaking, which I hope you will be able to support – some of you will have heard about this before, but we are slightly more substantial now. I am starting an organisation called Jebujene, which consists of two wings, Jebujene Media – and Jebujene Africa – together called The Jebujene Group. Jebujene Media is principally a publication and communications advisory service which aims to share a cosmopolitan, African perspective on the world. Jebujene Africa – aims to provide Beautiful and Intelligent solutions to civic challenges and to heighten civic engagement particularly around issues of culture, language, and content – and will in time become a community interest company. I would love your support in building up our capital:

We have three projects/activities live – On 99 Constitution Lane, which is translating Nigeria’s 99 Constitution into Pidgin English, and a Yoruba language dictionary (Explaining words in the language and using ideographs for the semi-literate speakers like myself and accquiring or holding historically relevant African and non-African books. [All the relevant links are at the end of this email]

I would like your support to build up our capital to enable us to deepen our work and grow sustainably. We’d love it if you could contribute to our crowdfund (., in return for becoming one of our early subscribers and supporters. The link follows – as – as you will see – your support is a subscription which will allow us to build up both the editorial and civic engagement aspect of our work. – You’ll be taking a bet on our success – one I assure you I intend fully to vindicate as we aim to capitalise on a few things:

  • Doing our bit to address the demographic challenge of jobs for young (ish) African graduates and knowledge workers by providing basic anchor jobs focused on content creation and solutions
  • The increased availability of the internet to enable digital jobs for skilled Africans, particularly new graduate entrants to the labour force
  • The desire for content focused on and/or addressing and/or expressing African perspectives both that caters to Africans and non-Africans
  • Potential exchange rate differences between funds raised in the UK/The West and decent income for entry level roles in our areas of focus
  • The existence of fairly robust financial transfer services

Why should you support this?
There’s not enough media covering Africa and sharing Africa’s perspective on the world; though there are an increasing number – we have a hunch that there is space for more, and crucially the existence of digital, coupled with the surplus of skills amongst Africa’s relatively youthful labour pool and the advantage of raising modest but transformative capital in the UK provides an opportunity to build a content centred business that can provide anchor jobs for many young people on the continent; by supporting us – you will help do two things: keep us accountable – with quarterly reports to you as our supporters – and have a direct impact on Africa’s employment challenge and you’ll get to be part of building a brilliant publication and community organisation to boot – and getting in early on our subscriptions with discount.

How do we propose to make this platform sustainable?

For Jebujene Media – We hope to earn future revenue through a mixture of advertising, grant funding, subscriptions, sponsorships, and content partnerships based on bundling content services that we believe will be attractive to a discerning global African and non-African audience, especially, but not exclusively older demographics of readers. Our goal is £26, 000 at present, which as you can see, I hope to raise in the next 40 days – and for Jebujene Africa – through a mixture of grants, individual supporters, and potentially developing products and applications that are low-cost, high-volume but of high use to African audiences.

Bona Fides: The business is registered in the United Kingdom – DMMHI – is the name of the registered company – and the company number is: 13006780. We have a bank account with TIDE Bank to which all contributions would be remitted.

Dele Meiji Fatunla is a writer, communications consultant with strong experience within the corporate, non-profit, and cultural sectors. His experience includes working with the world’s leading learning and publishing company, Pearson; the UK’s leading learning society and membership organization, The Royal African Society, as well as The Initiative for Equal Rights, a leading human rights organization in Nigeria, and serving as administrator for Africa 95_The Caine Prize for African Writing, a pre-eminent prize for African Writing. He has undertaken consultancies for organizations including the African Foundation for Development and The British Council and was a member of The Save The Africa Centre Campaign. He is a published poet and writer and holds a Bachelor and master’s degree respectively from The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and City University, London.

If you would like to support but would like to know more first, I intend to hold an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) as time-limited WhatsApp Group – so please do reply to say you’d like to be added to that and I’ll do so, and if you’d rather reach out privately, I can be reached on +447763843669

I hope to reach our fundraising goal by the end of July 2021, and would be really grateful for your support, which I intend to make good on – many times over! I thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you – and please do share the link and our call widely: There’s not enough media telling the world’s story from an African perspective, that’s why we are building Jebujene – be part of our journey:

Jebujene Media: Crowdfund
On 99 Constitution Lane
Ode Yoruba
– Jebujene Media
Jebujene Africa

Yours Sincerely,
Dele Meiji Fatunla
Director, Jebujene