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A newsletter from Dele & Jebujene about our progress so far, and how you can get involved – with a books discount thrown in

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From Dele@Jebujene
Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you well – and thank you for your taking the time to read this newsletter; there’s a few things to mention so I’ve provided a table of contents with some anchor links to each part of the newsletter, so please do click to the areas most relevant to you below. But ahead of that, a mea culpa – a few weeks ago – some of you would have received a crowdfunding request from me – in retrospect this was a misjudged approach – and we’ve pivoted away from that – it was a good learning point, thanks to all those who shared their thoughts and contributions. I’ll be brief – this newsletter is an update on the publication and platform I hope to build with yours and the help of others; it has four aspects:

1. DMMHI – A holding company for:

2. Jebujene Magazine & Jebujene Communications: A magazine and communications consultancy

3. Jebujene Africa: A platform focused on culture & language solutions for Africa-related challenges

4. DMM Publishing A publishing entity focused on my own writing and research work.

This project is a journey towards creating a sustainable media entity that has a cosmopolitan remit from an African perspective that provides opportunities for African and non African writers alike – one driven by a desire for the common good and enlightened self-interest. As you will see, the magazine, JEBUJENE ( is still in the rough; in regards to JEBUJENE COMMUNICATIONS, we are actively seeking contracts and consultancies, and I welcome your approach or invitations to bid if you are interested in working together.
DELE MEIJI – (which is the name under which I write and speak – is humming along, and you can buy my self-published books below at a hefty discount this month. We are making steady progress on the JEBUJENE AFRICA ( projects – in this newsletter, I would like to appeal for your support – materially – so that we are able to undertake these projects more robustly, and I have outlined what your support would help us to do – and other ways in which you can get involved with our projects – by completing our surveys and participating in our events and other activities in due course. I hope in the near future to provide a way for people to buy into the project – via shares or a community bond, but in the meanwhile – I hope we’ll have your support to lighten the load of turning inspiration into action, and action into sustainable progress.

Lastly, we are currently seeking content that fits our editorial focus for republishing, and in due course would like to commission content as well – you can learn about our Republishing and Commissioning Guidelines by clicking this link – and our regional focus and interests here.

Also, even if you are not immediately able to engage, please do get in touch and give us your thoughts, write to:

Yours Faithfully,

Dele Meiji Fatunla

1 Sept 2021

Newsletter: Content Links
– Jebujene Advisory: Communications & Culture Consultancies & Contracts Sought

– Jebujene Africa: Updates
On 99 Constitution Lane Project: Update &Survey
Jebujene Africa: Writers Survey

Globlack, Theatre Reading Group: Update & Event

Jebujene Africa: Board the Supporter’s Express
DMM Publishing: Books

A Doubter’s Prayer

– Gestation

-Esu is Not the Devil

About the name: Jebujene
We’re open to and seeking contracts and consultancies across various areas of communications and cultural consultancy. We provide a variable day rate based on the size, turnover and social purpose of your organisation and/or project. Our current day rate for charitable and social enterprises is £250 and for larger organisations begins at £500 – subject to the scope and complexity of the project. Our areas of interest, research, experience and expertise are:
Business Development Plans | Communications Strategy | Market Research | Qualitative Research

Data Indexing & Sorting| Archival Research | Content Management | Content Production

Digital Transformation – Planning & Management| Public Relations & Stakeholder Management

Report Writing | Script Writing | Content Concept Development | General Communications Project Management | Thought Leadership | Policy Briefs & Research

Contact Us: | WhatsApp: +447763843669
Some Clients and project profiles:
A link to clients of Jebujene Communications
Completed Client & Employer Projects and Briefs
Too Young, Too Loud, Too Different – Poetry Anthology: £12.99 | Corsair Books | Igba Ewe | Kola Tubosun, Ouida Books, $9.99
Esu is not the Devil
A Doubter’s Prayer
Gestation is a collection of stories set in London, Lagos and elsewhere spanning a tale of a night’s passion, a brief sigh of pleasure and the dilemma of an abortion.
Esu is not the Devil is a collection of polemical articles, pre-occupied with a sense of African restitution, renaissance and cultural recognition.
A Doubter’s Prayer is a collection of poems about love, death, sex, joy, ancestry and being cosmically a few days late and dollars short.
Jebujene Africa: Project Updates, Progress & Surveys
Globlack Drama Reading Group: Medea
This is an event for those with a keen or mildly keen amateur interest in drama and theatre to get together to read plays in a relaxed and structured group setting, and is part of a wider aim to build a communities programme – for Jebujene Africa. The coming month’s play is Medea, an ancient greek drama, that is still bracingly fun to read and play-read. If this sounds like your boat – book a ticket (structured by characters) – and if you are interested but shy you can book to be part of the chorus. There are 16 spots in total, and the recommended price is £10 fully waged, and £5 unwaged, low-waged or students.

Date & Time: October 7th 2021

Location: Online, Zoom

On 99 Constitution Lane: Quiz

We would like to know where were you in 1999 when the constitution was adopted, what one song encapsulates that year for you – and have you read the whole document? Here’s the survey – we are also looking for participants for a focus on group as part of this project so if it is of interest, please do leave your email and WhatsApp number as part of the survey – as well as indicating if you are on Clubhouse. Image Credit: Tope Asokere
Jebujene Africa: Writers Survey

We would like to hear from African writers about their areas of interest vis a vis their views on literary rewards, as well as gain a general sense of where writers are based, and their key areas of specialism or craft: e.g. poetry, prose, drama etc. The survey should take about 5 -8 minutes to complete and a digest of results would be shared with participants.

Board the Supporters’ Train
What would your contributions suport? The key programme and activity your contribution would support is our entrepreneurship, editorial and enterprise programme which is aimed at providing opportunities for knowledge workers, and young knowledge workers and graduates in Africa, its Diaspora and elsewhere in the world to support African led or based projects; as the founding enterprise we currently have two graduates who have participated on projects for us, and hope with your support to expand this. There are management costs which are currently absorbed or waived by the founding enterprise and found Your support would allow us to more securely remunerate participants, and defray administrative costs and plan for the growth of our work, products, programmes and projects.
Associate Profile: Samuel Ayivor

Samuel is a recent graduate of KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology) with a BA in Political Science – and he is based in Accra, Ghana.

Some goals achieved by – Samuel Ayivor – DMMHI and Jebujene’s Associate:

– Supported in the content development for 99 constitution lane project

– Created content for the constitution project

– Undertaken various secondary research activity

– Written summaries of articles for the Jebujene Summaries project

– General administrative and research support

– Summarising academic papers and news articles

About the Name:Jebujene A lot of people have asked about the origin and meaning of the name [Jebujene] – it can be pronounced a variety of ways – but my preferred pronunciation is Jebujene [with the last letter
silent] – the name is a play on the name of the senegalese dish that I believe inspired ‘Jollof Rice’ – called Thieboudiene. It also takes some inspiration from the city of Djenne, and lastly, subconsciously the urban and rural centres of the Yoruba-Ijebu cultures – in particular, Ijebu-Remo and Ijebu-Ode – the word ‘Jenny’ in English is of course sometimes the word for a female bird or donkey, both of which are amazing creatures that have given much to humanity, and the word ‘Gens’ – was the ancient roman word for large groups of people united, or at any rate organised under one or more names; all of these have some grounding in my own personal story, as well as Africa’s and I hope you’ll have a connection with the name too.
Our mailling address is:

Authorized representative: Dele Fatunla
Email address:
Phone: 07988577637
Address: 86-90 Paul Street London, EC4 2NE
Company Registration Number: 13006780

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