About The Yoruba Conversation Club

The Yoruba Conversation Club is a friendly, inclusive space for Yoruba learners and speakers to hone their skills in the language, and meet other like-minded people. Our vision is to develop and promote Yoruba as a global and vibrant language through culture, technology, socialising and rigorous, and diffused organisation through technology are key vehicles for how this will be achieved and maintained. 

The Yoruba Conversation Club was founded by Dele Meiji Fatunla, and the first meetings convened by Dele Meiji Fatunla and Seyi Awolesi.

The ambition is to be  a modern, inclusive, technology savvy and progressive organisation that works and exists for the promotion and development of Yoruba as a living and global language fully capable of capturing the human experience and connecting culturally Yoruba persons as well as others with an interest, affinity or ability in the language with each other.

Fun Meet Ups

Our current focus is on running fun, inclusive regular meet ups aimed at broadening the vocabulary of Yoruba speakers at whatever level, as well as creating a space for speakers to enjoy the language, and its attendant culture/s.  We aim to provide a welcoming and inviting environment for beginners and other speakers to improve their vocabulary, as well as find a community of speakers – and learn more about the Yoruba language and experience in the world. The club is open anyone who speaks or has a minimum level of comprehension of Yoruba. We welcome everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, income, or physical ability or health status.