The key programme and activity your contribution would support is our entrepreneurship, editorial and enterprise programme which is aimed at providing opportunities for knowledge workers, and young knowledge workers and graduates in Africa, its Diaspora and elsewhere in the world to support African led or based projects; as the founding enterprise we currently have two graduates who have participated on projects for us, and hope with your support to expand this. There are management costs which are currently absorbed or waived by the founding enterprise and found Your support would allow us to more securely remunerate participants, and defray administrative costs and plan for the growth of our work, products, programmes and projects.

Toe Ken Donations

Thanks for visiting this page, if you are willing to support this work, but are at the moment only in the position to support with a minimal donation, please indicate so via signing up on this form below – the reason we have a high amount set for collection is because for small organisations – it is administratively difficult to manage smaller amounts of donations as each donation must be accounted for – therefore, it is easier to get a sense of how many people are in this position, and collect such funds when and if they tally to a manageable amount; if you are on the list we would email and/or call you at a relevant date to request the one off donation.