Can Beginners attend?
Yes, beginners can attend – however, they are strongly encouraged to take up a yoruba beginners course, either through an institution or at their own pace through an audio or video course. We’ll be recommending some courses in the near future. In the meantime, you can visit a number of reputable bookstores including The SOAS BookshopArthur & Probsthain and Waterstone’s bookstore to purchase Yoruba language courses.

What do I need for the Classes?
Just bring yourself and an eagerness to participate – you may find it useful to purchase a Yoruba and/or Yoruba-English dictionary.

Are the club meetings conducted entirely in Yoruba?
No, whilst it would be ideal if all enthusiasts of the Yoruba language spoke it fluently, we don’t realistically expect this to be the case. The whole point of our club is to make people comfortable with whatever level of Yoruba they are at, so that they can improve or learn more in a supportive context, which feel is crucial to sustain the passion, and desire that drives language retention.

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